Lynk Organisation Celebrates Niemma's Success

The entrepreneurs within the network at Lynk Organisation are cheering on Nieema, who is taking the next steps to become an entrepreneur. Company leaders laud her efforts to progress her venture.

Nieema joined the community at Lynk Organisation a little over two years ago. Her initial intention was to save up for six months, before she left to volunteer in Southeast Asia. However, as it turns out, she fell in love with the consulting and marketing services industry, and decided to focus her ambitions on growing within the industry.

Her efforts paid off. Within five months, Nieema received the ‘Rising Star’ award at one of the brand ambassador meetings. Shortly thereafter, she was chosen to attend an all-expenses-paid trip to Portugal. Her travel adventures through Lynk Organisation continued, as she visited Cyprus and California, where she had the pleasure of networking with some of the industry’s top performers.

Today, Nieema is gearing up to run her own location, taking her talents from Reading to Cardiff where she’ll have an instrumental role in executing outreach campaigns and working alongside others who share similar desires to excel. Her excitement is contagious, “One of my biggest personal goals is to buy my mum a house, so I’m ready to dive in more to achieve this goal.”

Around Lynk Organisation, everyone celebrates collective and individual victories. It’s a part of the overall culture, according to Joe, the firm’s Owner. Each person, like Nieema, is on a mission to advance their own career’s. They come here with different visions and backgrounds, and find this is an ideal environment for them to develop entrepreneurial skills that lead to success.

Lynk Organisation’s Owner on Why Nieema Is Thriving in the Business World

Joe is someone who firmly understands the ambition that Nieema and others like her have, which is why he thinks communities like the one around Lynk Organisation are landing spots for talented people with the drive to succeed. Here, they have ample access to the resources they need to develop key business skills, like presentation and leadership, as well as coaches who willingly share their experiences to guide new people along their professional journeys.

Perhaps most significant is the camaraderie found in this community. Everyone supports each other’s goals and plans. They collaborate and share ideas and keep spirits high. Most importantly, they’re inspired when someone realises his or her dreams, like Nieema. And to Joe, that’s a sign that his mission for his firm is achieved as well.

About Lynk Organisation:

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